Junkmycar.com Website Review & Ratings + Junk My Car Coupons
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Junkmycar.com Website Review & Ratings + Junk My Car Coupons

Junkmycar.com is a vehicle-removal service that arranges for towing by a company in the client's local area and pays the client the value of the car.

  • The service is most recognized for its environmentally-conscious goal of removing old junk cars, but also will negotiate payment for the value of resellable vehicles.
  • Their relationships with local towing companies ensures that they are available throughout the United States and Canada.
  • The entire process of filing a claim and arranging payment is done online, and Junkmycar.org arranges towing. There is no cost to the client in the entire process.
Junk My Car: What makes it different?
  • You can arrange to have a vehicle removed entirely online, at no cost to oneself, and is paid for the vehicle.
  • The service is available throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Junkmycar.com arranges for the vehicle to be towed by a local towing company at no cost to the client, seven days a week.
  • Live support staff are online to be spoken to directly.
Junk My Car vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Junk My Car)

The website is better-organized, more open, and more friendly than competitors such as www.junkacar.com. The competition also do not advertise the use of Verisign software. The site also offers to pay the client or give a tax receipt, where www.junk-car.org and www.junk-yard.org only offer the tax write-off option.

The service has a thorough and open FAQ section that can prepare a client to have the right paperwork, as well as explaining how the company makes money, and so forth.

Some criticisms from clients to be found across the web are centered mostly upon the client's disappointment over how much their junk car is worth, although no opposing prices quotes have been offered. Our research shows however that the prices subject to complaint are consistent with prices paid out by other services, as well as consistent with the matrix of tax write-off value offered to people who donate their junk vehicles (the legal tax write-off cap is $500) through organizations like Make a Wish (www.WheelsForWishes.org/Make-A-Wish).

Junk My Car: Product images & screenshots
Junk My Car Coupons
Junk My Car: Detailed review

Junkmycar.com is a vehicle-salvaging service launched in 2004. The service offers a very high level of convenience through partnerships with local towing companies, ensuring service throughout the US and Canada. Individuals wishing to have a vehicle removed from their residence or business or even from a highway or interstate, can use this site to arrange the whole process online without having to leave the computer, and at no cost to the client. The site offers top prices for salvage or resale value, and they will make an offer regardless of the condition of the vehicle, as well as removing motorcycles.

  • Easy to Use

The website's front page offers "testimonials" -positive remarks from clients, and has a menu with links for "How it works," "Get an offer," and "Check status." There is also an "About us" area, and the whole site is well-arranged with contact links, a posted toll-free telephone number, and links to a live online chat with customer service agents.

To use the service, one begins on the "Get an offer" page. One can shop by simply obtaining an initial offering, which requires only the entry of the VIN number, year, make and model. To obtain a final offer thereafter, one begins a quoting process that is only a few screens long. The result is an offer for the value of the vehicle, whether salvage or resale. Once the client accepts the offer, a claim ID and a local tower will be assigned to the vehicle through a legally-binding basic contract in an e-mail. The vehicle is to be removed within 48 hours, guaranteed by the site. After a 10-14 day period to review the paperwork with the client's local DMV, the client is paid for the vehicle. The client is not responsible to pay the towing company.

  • Environmentally Responsible

Under "About us" one can learn about the company's profession to environmental stewardship. Junkmycar.com patronizes vehicle recycling services and offers a list of environmental effects by a junked car, and how they are avoided or lessened by recycling the vehicle's materials. There is also a link to a third-party site, earth911.com, for verification of their claims.

Some clients may be relieved to deal with this site rather than to find and haggle with a salvage yard. They are open to public review via Facebook, Twitter and several other social media services. Communication with the public is further facilitated by a common blog function on the site accessible from the bottom of the home page.

The service's good reputation is visible throughout searches on the web. The site is an honoree of the Inc. 5000 organization. The Better Business Bureau gives an A grade since 2007. According to the Compete traffic-tracking service, the site has seen a rise from 20,000 to 60,000 visitors between October 2009 and October 2010. The claim process is shielded by Verisign and McAfee technology.

See also: https://knoji.com/details/junkmycar/

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Comments (3)
Jeep Man

Also check out local charities that you can donate your junk car to and get a tax write-off.


I just used Junk My Car and the process was fast and easy. I kept waiting for something to go wrong because it seemed too good to be true, but a local tow company came and picked up my junker on the day I'd specified, my check in hand, and out of my driveway without a hassle.

I used totalhelptowing.com which was truely a master in their work.


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